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Moving into or around the most populated city in the United States is a challenging task. Move day in New York City can cause feelings of uncertainty, that’s why Big City Movers NYC is here to offer packing and unpacking services that bring peace of mind. Our highly recommended team is here to provide people a high-quality professional packing service.

We offer packing services which can include:

  • Partial and Full Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Office Packing
  • Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly
  • Specialty and Large Item Packs

You can trust us here at Big City Movers NYC because we are:

  • 25 Years Experience
  • Family-Owned
  • Quick and Efficient
  • Fully-Licensed: NYS DOT # T-40317 | US DOT # 3110749 | MC # 82572 |
  • Fully-Insured: General Liability and Workers Comp

If you’re in search of a moving company that works to ensure quick and efficient packing services and has 25 years of experience, give us a call (212)-365-0205 or fill out our online form.

Are you moving to, from or around New York City? Consider Big City Movers NYC packing services team to provide relief from the stress that comes along with moving. Whether it’s partial or full packing or unpacking services you need, Big City Movers is equipped with the packing materials that can make settling into your new home quick and efficient.

We offer these services completely tailored to your move because we understand how tough it is to pack and move your entire life. In many instances, there are a lot of loose ends to tie up before heading to your new home. The smart choice is to find a company that will pack your items with care, and that’s something Big City Movers NYC has over 25 years of experience doing.

Packing with Big City Movers NYC

Nobody wants their belongings to get damaged during a move. Big City Movers is committed to providing excellent partial and full packing services which are designed to remove any worry by keeping your belongings secure, including the most fragile items.

Less experienced companies may not have detail-oriented packing and moving processes. The professionals at Big City Movers NYC have over 25 years of experience helping people pack and move to or from the New York City area. Over the years, we have optimized the way our packing team goes about each job. The worst thing that could happen is letting an inexperienced packer handle your belongings. Our packing team will understand which type of items need certain packing supplies to be 100% secure.

All of the Packing Supplies You Need

In order for your items to be kept completely safe and secure, the right packing supplies need to be used. That’s why we are equipped with a wide range of items all designed to keep your items in mint condition. Our team will show up with plenty of supplies which include:

  • Moving Boxes
  • Moving Straps
  • Dollies
  • Moving Blankets
  • Bubble Wrap

There’s no worse feeling than arranging for a moving company to come to help you pack and move, only to have a crew show up without enough supplies or trucks. Big City Movers NYC will do a thorough job understanding all that will be required to pack and transport your belongings.

Unpacking Services

Avoid the hassle of unpacking and save more time with Big City Movers. Our unpacking services are built to make moving a breeze for you. Unpacking with Big City Movers is a great option for those who are feeling a time crunch and need their belongings unpacked quickly.

For a move with ease, look toward the team at Big City Movers NYC. We will be with you every step of the way, just point us in the direction where you want your belongings unpacked!

Get Your Free Packing Quote

Whether you’re looking for a quote on partial or full packing, there’s no better option than the team at Big City Movers NYC. Our packing and unpacking professionals are standing by to take some of the burden off your shoulders.

You deserve a hassle-free move, Big City Movers NYC uses 25 years of experience in New York City to guide that process, give us a call (212)-365-0205 or fill out our online form.

Did you know...?

When Is the Best Time of Year to Move?

There isn’t a true answer to this. There are distinct seasons, but you have to decide which is best for you.

The first is summer. This is the busiest season. But there’s a reason it's so busy. For families with kids, this is when school is out and they have more time. For everyone else, this is when the weather is at its best. There also aren’t any major holidays to work around.

While summer is a great time to move, it's super busy. You’ll have to schedule your move in advance and the price could be higher. Planning for a winter move means a simpler moving process.

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