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About Us

Vadim Fedorov
Vadim Fedorov, owner and founder of Big City Movers NYC.

Big City Movers NYC was established in 2018 after owner and founder, Vadim Fedorov, saw a lack of professionalism and care in the moving and storage industry. As a New York native and an experienced mover with over 25 years of experience in the industry, Vadim created Big City Movers NYC to give customers a stress-free moving experience in the big city.

Vadim has been the senior moving manager at 2 major and well-respected moving companies in New York City. He is the creator and founder of Big City Movers NYC, with the vision of delivering better service than larger moving companies, but at a lower price and with much greater flexibility for the customer.

Big City Movers NYC is a local, family-owned and operated moving company with the goal of providing every customer with a hassle-free, stress-free move. The company is a family-run business with Vadim’s sister as the office manager and his son as the assistant marketing manager.


Our Mission

We pride ourselves on providing top-rated customer service with our professionalism and quality care of your items. As an experienced mover in New York, Vadim and our crew have the experience and expertise needed to handle any move and get the job done right.

Our goal is to help you with every aspect of your move from start to finish. We will be there alongside you to help you prepare for moving day and give you a custom services plan that will best fit your needs during your move.

With the goal of professionalism and care in mind, Vadim and our crew are dedicated to providing you the best of the best when it comes to moving in New York City and the surrounding areas.

Did you know...?

Is There a Difference Between a Quote and Estimate?

Simply put, a quote is an exact price for a job set by the mover while an estimate is the mover’s best guess as to how much it will cost, subject to change. A quote is set in stone, unless there is a variation to your contract, which would include extra work or a change in the scope of a job. There is no such thing as a binding estimate, your mover can change the price for a variety of reasons.

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